View Full Version : Lubricate the moving rail!

Dongyun Hao
27-Mar-2000, 21:02
I have recently noticed that the standard moving rail of my flatbed Horseman is 'tried up', making it not smooth at all when moving the front standard on the fo cusing moving rail. I guess it may need lubrication but do not know what kind (s pecific?) lubricant is good for this purpose. Or, I need to do something else. T hanks for your help!


Doug Paramore
28-Mar-2000, 09:01
Dongyun: Try a little Chapstick on the rails. This is an old-timer trick that works well. A candle rubbed on the rails will also work. Both are clean and not greasy. Hope this helps, Doug.

Masayoshi Hayashi
28-Mar-2000, 13:32
I was recommended to use Glycerine by Martin at Arca Swiss.

Dongyun Hao
29-Mar-2000, 07:12
Thanks very much for your help! I will try the easiest that I can get. Obviously, I can do only one at a time. Best regards!