View Full Version : How to mount Symmar-S 240/5,6 to Copal #3

10-Feb-2011, 07:20
Hi, I have problem,

I need mount Symmar-S 240/5.6 to COPAL#3 shutter
but in front side is screw too deep and i can't mount it beacause Symmar's thread don't reaches the thread in the Copal and can't deeper because of the two silver circles.
I think I would have removed the circles, but how? When i search by google, i found only copals without this circles
Or how mount lens to shutter?


10-Feb-2011, 11:36
I understand this correctly (on base this (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=70381)) that the ring I just put out by screwdriver?

I really didn't want to destroy...

10-Feb-2011, 15:26
Using a good caliper, measure the front to back length of the shutter. It should be 28,6mm.

If it's longer, then there have probably been adapters installed in the shutter.

- Leigh

11-Feb-2011, 11:34
Try pulling it out with your fingernails.

Tracy Storer
11-Feb-2011, 17:43
it is a decorative ring...it may be "pressed" into place, in which case you can pry it out (carefully) or more likely, I think, it is screwed in place. I suggest you try a thin pair of rubber gloves for extra grip, and try to use your fingers like a spanner to unscrew this ring....

Tracy Storer
11-Feb-2011, 17:51
OK, check my photo.....the thread outlined in BLUE are the 58mm x 0.75 lens cell mounting threads, the threads outlined in RED are the (unmeasured) trim mounting threads.
Best of luck,

11-Feb-2011, 17:57
thanks everyone, I have managed how to dismantle an atomic bomb...

and symmar is in the right place and tomorow i going to go to phototrip...