View Full Version : Advice on 90mm Wollensak Raptar F6.8...

30-Apr-1999, 00:01

I am planning to buy 90mm Wollensak Raptar F 6.8 for my Busch 4x5 camera. Please let me know if this is a good lens. Thanks

Ron Shaw
30-Apr-1999, 16:56
I have a Graphlex Optar (made by Wollensak for Graphlex) which performs quite well. It is a 162mm lens, so coverage is fine for 4x5, but I would not expect a lot of coverage from the 90mm. I dont know where you can find info on it, but press lenses usually dont have the coverage of other lenses. Coverage aside, it is probably a sharp lens. I dont know if its coated or not (mine isnt).