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peter ramm
9-Feb-2011, 14:32
I just purchased a 200mm Grandagon and am faced with the usual problem of putting filters in front of it. I use a polarizer - a lot.

Of course, there is tape and hand holding etc. but those are big filters. SK Grimes has estimated $500 for a plastic clamping holder that fits around the lens cell without marring it, and an independently rotatable front for 5.65 x 5.65 filters. I would probably have them put two 4mm slots on the front for one polarizer and one filter, leaving the lens threads free in case a center filter is needed.

Anyone else interested in getting one of these filter holders? I was hoping if the order grew by a couple we could drop the price a bit.

Anyone got a better idea that doesn't involve my using tools?

Steve M Hostetter
9-Feb-2011, 14:47
If your shooting an 8x10" with the 200mm lens you'll be ok without a center filter

what brand camera you using?

peter ramm
10-Feb-2011, 15:28
Strangest thing, I remember answering Steve's question yesterday but no sign of it here. Now where did I leave my keys?

Using a P2 Sinar.