View Full Version : Photo-Opaque Paint for Acetate Masks

9-Feb-2011, 12:30
What's a good "photo-opaque" paint or substance to use when creating an acetate mask to block exposure from a portion of the print when enlarging?



Drew Wiley
9-Feb-2011, 16:44
Depends. If you want to build up something gradually to act like a soft dodge/burn mask, old-time Kodak creosin red works great, and a tiny bottle of it will probably last
for decades. I forget the actual brand name Kodak used, but do have a bottle of it in
the lab. Full opaque red stripping films are still available from most graphics suppliers,
but for ease of use in small areas I simply use an ordinary black Magic Marker or Sharpie pen.

10-Feb-2011, 00:13
Thanks for the reply Drew.

I tried the Sharpie but it's not opaque on acetate. I bought some opaque black paint at an art supply store which works but you have to lay it on heavy and it's kind of sloppy and takes a long time to dry. Also it doesn't adhere to the acetate which results in an uneven (lumpy) layering.

I'll look around for the Kodak Red and the film strips that you mentioned.


10-Feb-2011, 00:50
For pain free quick improvements i use picassa doubt it can do what you want though.

Steve Goldstein
10-Feb-2011, 07:36
The Kodak stuff is called Crocein Scarlet. I believe it's water-soluble, I haven't actually used it (yet). I bought a bottle from B&H some years ago just in case; I'm not if Kodak make it any more. At the time a 1oz bottle, probably a lifetime supply, was around US$30.

Ron McElroy
10-Feb-2011, 18:08
If you can't find the Kodak red opaque try using a deep red tempra paint from an art supply store.