View Full Version : Canham DLC45 graflock on Canham 5x7 wood

8-Feb-2011, 23:53
Has anyone here taken their Canham metal DLC 45 graflock back and custom made a adapter board from wood or metal and mounted it for use on a Canham 5x7 wood field?

thx jimmy

William Whitaker
9-Feb-2011, 08:10
Not the Canham Graflok back, but I once made a 4x5 reducing back for a 5x7 wood Canham using a vintage Graflok back. It was very simple to do, using 1/8" (I think - it was quite a while back) Baltic birch and cutting a hole to fit the Graflok. The Canhams lend themselves well to this since the light trap is in the rear standard and it's not necessary to cut a rebate in the adapter board itself.

9-Feb-2011, 13:46
do you have any photos? that's the direction I might be heading down, but would like to use the DLC45 canham parts... maybe some one might purchase the metal 45 less the back? anyone?

Gem Singer
9-Feb-2011, 14:10
Place a WTB ad on this forum for a 4x5 reducing back for a 4x5/ 5x7 Canham Traditional. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Then ask Keith Canham what it takes to add Graflok sliders to that wooden 4x5 Canham back. Another pleasant surprise.

Keith can be reached by phone and would be more than glad to help you out.

For goodness sake, do not ruin a good Canham DLC45 by destroying the back.

9-Feb-2011, 14:22
I have the canham traditional 5x7- 4x5 reduction back in wood, but can't use a reflex viewer, that's my issue.

Gem Singer
9-Feb-2011, 14:41
I understand your problem. Faced the same one myself.

Solved it by selling the Canham 4x5/5x7 Traditional and purchasing the all metal MQC57 with a 4x5 reducing back.

The Cambo reflex viewer mounts easily on the 4x5 Canham metal back, but not on the 4x5 wooden back.

The 4x5 metal back and the Cambo reflex viewer are now sitting in my photo closet. I finally realized that I prefer the 5x7 format.