View Full Version : question re: mounting a Deardorff bellows to the rear frame

8-Feb-2011, 20:32
I've got a new unmounted bellows for a Deardorff V8 and it appears to be just a bit too small to fit over the rear frame lip.

I noticed that three of the four corners appear to have been lightly sanded, with bare wood showing where the rest of the frame has the original flat black paint.

Can anyone confirm that this means that it's pretty much expected that the frame will need some minor adjustment to fit the bellows? It would seem that this would be necessary since the bellows are almost certainly going to have some variation in sizing, and I'm hoping someone has first-hand experience with this.

Jon Wilson
8-Feb-2011, 21:16
Bob, do both ends of your replacement bellows wrapped around wood supports? When I replaced my V8 bellows, the new ones were framed around the wood supports which fit into the front and rear standards which then screwed from the inside of the bellows into the respective standards. Mine fit directly and didn't need to be sanded.

If your replacement bellows did not come with the wood support frames, let me know. I think I still have the old bellows and if I do, you are welcome to the wood supports if you need them. Jon