View Full Version : 90 mm f8 Fujinon on seiko shutter or Super Angulon f 8 Mc

David Casillas
8-Feb-2011, 20:16
Hi everibody.
Im looking for a wide angle on a budget. Im thinking about these two options. which one do you think is a better lens. i have used a nikon f8 before and I was impressed with it, but now they are more expensive. Thanks for your comments

8-Feb-2011, 20:32
I had the Fujinon, and it was a very sharp lens; I was able to see the GG better once I got a f5.6, but the lens was a very solid performer.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
8-Feb-2011, 21:26
If the Fujinon is in a Seiko, it is single coated. For these eight element biogon types, the multicoating makes a big difference. All other things being equal I would go for the multicoated Schneider.

David Casillas
11-Feb-2011, 13:55
Ari, Jason, Thanks for your help.