View Full Version : Synchro Compur Shutter Cable Release

8-Feb-2011, 14:47
Hi All,

I have a Xenar f4.5 150mm in a Synchro Compur shutter.

I've been searching around the web for a cable release that allows for automatic re-cocking of the shutter. So far no luck.
Is that something that just doesn't exist?
Any advice would be appreciated. I'm fairly new to Large Format photography.



Bob Salomon
8-Feb-2011, 17:07
Doesn't exist. For a mechanical shutter to be re-cocking it needs to be a Copal Press or a Prontor Press or the Prontor Professional. The cable release is not what recocks the shutter. The momentum of the shutter firing in a Press type shutter is what applies the force to recock it. Synchro Compur shutters were not a Press design so you would have to change shutters. Today only the Copal Press shutter is still made. Prontor Werke discontinued the manufacture of all Compur and Prontor mechanical shutter a couple of decades ago.

Do be aware, a Press type mechanical shutter like the above do not generate enough force to get to the same fast speeds as your shutter and, except for the Prontor Professional, have more internal vibrations then your type of shutter.

8-Feb-2011, 18:29
I see. thanks for the insight!