View Full Version : Polaroid 4x5 Land Film Packets Black & White/Type55 P/N

John Fink Jr.
8-Feb-2011, 11:43
Hi folks,

Quick question.
Can I use the 545i back for Polaroid 4x5 "Land Film" Packets Black & White/Type55 P/N?
What is the difference in the 'Land film and commonly known type 55 film?

Thanks in advance for all the help.


8-Feb-2011, 12:07
Yes you can use the 545 with type 55 film.
As for the nomenclature, I can't be sure, but Land film might be simply the old appellation, back when Edwin Land was alive.
Type 55 is only one of the many emulsions Polaroid offered.

John Fink Jr.
8-Feb-2011, 13:23
Just a follow-up question.

Can the 545i back be used for all instant type film (like Fuji) as long as it's 4x5?

Brian C. Miller
8-Feb-2011, 13:27
The 545 and 545i backs can only be used for packet (pod) films, like Type 55.

The 550 back can be used with the Fuji 4x5 instant packs. Note that pretty much after each photograph, you'll have to rethread the little paper tab because it's just a hair too short. It's OK with the Fuji back, though. If you are careful, you can open the back in subdued (very shady) light and rethread the strip. The paper strip goes over the outside of the rollers, not through them.