View Full Version : What are you using to seperate negatives in the Unicolor 11x14 drum?

8-Feb-2011, 10:58
I just started using a Unicolor 11x14 drum. I find it 100% preferable to the Bessler drum I was using in ease of loading. But I have having trouble keeping the negatives seperated. I don't have any of the rubber gizmos that you are supposed to have.

I've seen the guy who uses the sort of clothepin thingies to seperate negatives. Is that what you are using? I was thinking about a thin piece of plastic, 7" long that I could wedge between the two prints that would hit the back of the wall between them.

Lost a negative last night to this, so would appreciate any help.


8-Feb-2011, 14:53
I have a couple of the original rubber spacers. I just traced it over a rubber mat (you see 'em all over, they look like THIS (http://www.greatmats.com/dense-foam-material.php?gclid=CNuqxtfF-aYCFQJN4AodLnkAGw)) and cut it out. It works about 95% of the time. You just have to be careful than you don't really move the tube, while it's in a vertical position, abrubtly. If you're not in a rush, I can maybe cut one for you and send it or, I can take a picture of the original piece and you can try to make it yourself.