View Full Version : Film compatibility for Linhof Technika 4 x 5

8-Feb-2011, 06:30
I bought a Linhof Technika 4 x 5 and with a back support for polaroids 545th. A shopkeeper told me that I can use the "instant black & white Fuji Film FP-100B.
Looking at the back instructions of the support i can notice that you must load one sheet at a time while the Fuji pack is 10 sheets together loaded.
Can abybody tell me something about it and if there are other film compatible with B&W photography ?



8-Feb-2011, 07:45
The 545 back is useless unless you buy some old Polaroid stock.
To use a pack film like FP-100B you'll need the Polaroid 405 holder.

Daniel Stone
8-Feb-2011, 09:05
the following holders are still useable:

Polaroid 405: uses the 3.25x4.25(medium format-sized) Fuji Instant Films(FP-100C,FP-100B,FP-3000B)

Polaroid 550: uses Fuji's FP-100C45(4X5 sized) instant film. I believe there might be a FP-3000B still available, but not 100% sure.

Fujifilm PA-45: same thing as the Polaroid 550, same film capabilities. Just in a prettier package :). Still a current product on the market.

Fujifilm PA-145: same as the Polaroid 405, same film capabilities. Takes 3.25x4.25(medium format sized) instant film(same as listed in Polaroid 405 line).

Polaroid 545(and other single sheet backs) are pretty much useless unless you have a stash of film anyhow. However, they make good paperweights :D!