View Full Version : Fuji 4x5 Transp Film

7-Feb-2011, 20:49
I cannot locate a source for Velvia Pro 50 4x5, while 100 ASA 4x5 Fuji Trans films (100f and 100Velvia) are either "temporarily out of stock" or are not listed. They are coming in 20 sheet boxes these days, but nothing in stock.

Also, can no longer find Kodak E100G in 50 sheet boxes, only 10.

This is ominous!

Anyone have any word on future availability?

Brian C. Miller
7-Feb-2011, 22:28
Glazer's Camera has E100G 50 sheet boxes in stock, and you can get some discounted because they are out of date.

Freestyle, Fuji 4x5 Provia 50 (http://www.freestylephoto.biz/16010356-Fujichrome-Velvia-50-iso-4x5-20-sheets-RVP?cat_id=1303) is in stock.

8-Feb-2011, 18:20
Much appreciated Brian! I love this medium too much to lose faith in filmmakers at this point. Hopefully this will last me through the spring.

Gene McCluney
15-Feb-2011, 22:02
But buying existing short-dated stock does nothing to indicate the way forward for E-6 products.