View Full Version : Help with mounting flange-less brass lenses

Marek Warunkiewicz
7-Feb-2011, 13:59
Hi all!

I've just spent the better part of 3 hours going over many posts, here and at APUG, doing searches etc. to find a post or two that I should have either printed or bookmarked. It was a post of a neat way to hold a lens to a lensboard. It involved three pieces of metal covered in either rubber or leather and screws or bolts and nuts. Anyone remember this or posted it?

Thanks in advance!


7-Feb-2011, 17:14
How about this thread?


Marek Warunkiewicz
8-Feb-2011, 08:00
Yup, that's the only one I could find as well. I spent the night dreaming and came up with a good way to do it. Will post pix of it later next week. Use two layers of plexi (though wood would work as well) and some cheap parts from Home Depot (or any other hardware store).