View Full Version : Which Speed Graphic 2x3 is it ?

6-Feb-2011, 17:43
Can anybody tell me, from the pics, which model of Speed Graphic 2x3 is the following item :



Miniature (1939-1946) or Anniversary (1940-1946) or Pacemaker (1947-1973) ?

Does it have a Graflok back ?


6-Feb-2011, 17:49
It looks like a Miniature Speed Graphic with a Graphic back (not a Graflok).

6-Feb-2011, 17:52

Does it mean that it is not possible to attach a polaroid back nor a rollfilm 22 or 23 ?

6-Feb-2011, 18:02
Right, I don't think you can attach any of those backs to to a Graphic back--at least the 22/23 rollfilm backs. There's another type of rollfilm back that will work with a spring back--an Adapt-A-Roll 620 (http://graflex.org/speed-graphic/adapt-a-roll.html).

6-Feb-2011, 18:08
Thanks. I guess it's hard to find.

6-Feb-2011, 18:51
Thanks. I guess it's hard to find.

Probably not as hard as you think. Set up a search on eBay and post a few WTB ads in the classifieds here and on APUG--and I'll bet you can find one in a few weeks.

6-Feb-2011, 18:58
You probably are looking for a Century model... that's a 2X3 format and more often than not has the Graflok slides for roll film and other backs. In fact, I think on the Century the Graflok style back is molded into the body of the camera. The body of a Century is not wood, it is plastic or composition of some sort. Do your research on the Graflex Century Model.

The one you listed is definitely known as a "spring back", and earlier camera, meaning it uses a long slender spring on each side of the ground glass to enable sliding film holders under the GG.

Graflok sliders are chrome sliders on each side of the GG holder. When you remove the GG holder, the Grafloks slide in on each side on a slant and tabs engage the film holder or film accessory you are using.

Jim Noel
6-Feb-2011, 20:30
You are correct about the back, but it is not a miniature because it does not have the small wooden lens board.

6-Feb-2011, 20:57
hey its is probably a 1946 miniature as it has the flash contacts
on the back as Pacemaker flash contacts are on the side not the
back ! but it looks like that it has a 1947 101 Ekter lens