View Full Version : Ferricynide black spots

Richard C. Trochlil
5-Mar-2000, 11:12
I use ferricynide to remove black spots on prints. Sometimes a print gets by me and I don't notice the spot until processed and dry. So I wet the print and re move the spot. Now what? Is a cotton ball soaked on hypo good enough to stabil zie the spot? Is a short(?) wash good enough to wash the hypo out? Or am I into the whole 9 yards of hypo-clear and long wash?

Doug Paramore
7-Mar-2000, 19:38
Richard: IMHO, you should go ahead and fix the print and wash it again just as you did the first time. You could use a shorter fix time and wash time as the fix may not have time to soak deeply into the print. That is what I learned many years ago, and I assume the ferricynide is the same. It's good insurance to go ahead and do it right. Doug