View Full Version : Jobo 4206 formatholder

5-Feb-2011, 12:34
Just looking to dev 5x4 in drums. My old style System 4 Paterson is no good for the taco method, the funnel fouls the top of the sheets.
I've just acquired 4201 and a 4551 (empty) drums, intending to use one for 5x4 film. Possibly both. With them came x2 4206 'formatholder's. I've no instructions or experience of Jobo but putting 5x4 sheets into the formatholder and then into the drums seems straightforward enough, if a little fiddly in the light. Not yet tried it in the dark!
I was wondering if anyone had/has any experience of using this kit combination, good or bad?
Do Jobo still make the format holders? If they're any good, I'll try to get hold of a few more.

Chauncey Walden
5-Feb-2011, 16:30
I've used them for 5x7. With Pyro developers you can get uneven development above the "bump" locations. No problems with Rodinal.