View Full Version : calumet 4x5 sc

3-Mar-2000, 14:46

i have a question of an old model camera, that is a calumet 4x5 sc model, and i can't find those information on the web site, just wondering, is it possible can anyone give me some information of this "calumet 4x5 sc" and how about the diff erent in between of this calumet 4x5 sc and the reg. 4x5n or 4x5nx?

thank for your info.

tony chan exitnine@hotmail.com

Raven Garrow
3-Mar-2000, 19:13
Contact Calumet at www.calumetphoto.com

Jim Blecha
5-Mar-2000, 22:24

Your Calumet 4X5 SC is very similar to the 45NX. I own a Cambo 4X5SC whidh is very similar to the 45NX, but without calibration markings on the rail and on the rise & fall standards. Everything else appears to be about the same.