View Full Version : What back do I have here?

Bob Kerner
4-Feb-2011, 16:02
I jumped on a FS item for a Grafmatic film holder without knowing for sure it is compatible with my particular Crown. As a result, I missed an opportunity. Now it's time to educate myself (and hopefully others)

Can someone please confirm that what I have here is a Graflok back. Based on what I can make of the Graphic owner's manual pdf and the info on the Graflex.org website it appears to be, but I just want to make sure.

And please confirm this back will accept Grafmatic film holders.


4-Feb-2011, 16:12
Yes, it's a Graflok back and will accept Grafmatics.

Bob Kerner
4-Feb-2011, 16:54
Thank you Barry.

Daniel Stone
4-Feb-2011, 17:38
definitely a graflok back. AKA the "standard" back for sheet film holders(and grafmatics)


Steven Tribe
5-Feb-2011, 11:10
But remember there are TWO types of grafmatic backs! The labelling is very similar. One was made for the reflex type and one for the Crown/Speed models. They are not interchangeable! See Graphlex.org site.