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Nathan Appel
2-Feb-2011, 17:00
Hi all, I am very very new to the large format game, but I shoot mainly color instant films (fuji 4x5) I bought a xenotar 150mm from ebay, and it has some scuffing on front cell, like it was left out in the desert during a storm. The glass doesn't really look scratched, but more scuffed/smeared, maybe just the coatings? What are the costs involved in getting something like this refurbished/recoated, who do I talk to? Thanks,

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
2-Feb-2011, 17:08
If it is only the coating it will not be too costly. There are a few folks who will recoat for you. In the US, John at focalpoint does it for about $200 a surface. I think the front element of the Xenotar is a singlet, so there won't be any additional costs associated with decementing and then recementing. Assuming that the damage is only in the coating on the outside of the lens, you are in for about $200+. However, if the damage is in the glass, recoating won't help at all.

Steven Tribe
2-Feb-2011, 17:12
You have to talk to the seller.
Costs of any "repairs" will be far more than you paid for this. If it is just a coating it might be worthwhile .
May not influence performance - but certainly, selling value.

6-Feb-2011, 22:48
Assuming you keep the lens, depending upon the amount of damage, the surface smear/scuffs may have little actual effect on actual images. The main risk is that flare will be increased and/or the image softened a bit. I'd try a sheet of film on a contrasty subject and see what happens. I've seen some lenses that looked just awful perform very capably.