View Full Version : Panchromatic sesitizing dyes

2-Feb-2011, 14:03
Hello I am new to this forum.

I would like ask someone if they can give me some advice on using sensitizing dyes for a store brought liquid emulsion? Such as...

Fotospeed LE30 Fixed Grade B&W Liquid Emulsion


Rockland Colloid Liquid Light

The dyes which I am using would be..

1,1′-Diethyl-2,2′-dicarbocyanine iodide 707 nm (Extends to the red specturm)


1,1′-Diethyl-2,4′-cyanine iodide 558 nm (Extends to the green)

These dyes I found a Sigma-Aldrich

I am new to this. Do I need both dyes to get a panchromatic, or just the red dye? And how would I go about adding these dyes to a store brought liquid emulsion?

Any help will be great, thank you for reading. :)

Tim Gray
2-Feb-2011, 22:49
You might get a better response to this question on APUG in the Silver Gelatin Based Emulsion Making & Coating forum.