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2-Feb-2011, 02:45
What tape can best be used to repair loosening tape on slideholders ? Duct tape is not really light tight, I'm afraid. Maybe two layers ? Other suggestions ? A piece of fabric glued to it ?


2-Feb-2011, 03:16
Use Gaffer's tape (aka photographer's tape). Good camera shops that sell darkroom stuff would have it, or you can order it online. It's black fabric based tape that looks like, and is about the size of a roll of duct tape. Not that expensive and a roll will probably last a lifetime. It's what is usually used on the film holders when they are made. This stuff is also used to patch holes in bellows. If you had to ask about this tape, then I can pretty much guarantee that you will never use the whole roll. By the way, yes, this tape is light tight, just make sure you cover the entire length of the "hinge" for the film holder so there will be no light leaks.

Robert Hughes
2-Feb-2011, 07:56
Gaffer's tape is not quite as bad as duct tape for leaving sticky residue, but it's not a viable long term solution. Gaffer's tape adhesive spreads like sticky goo after several days. I've got too many electrical cables with that icky adhesive, and use it as little as I can nowadays.

Doremus Scudder
2-Feb-2011, 08:08
Bookbinding tape is excellent for this purpose as is a thin nylon tape. I've used paper tape and masking tape in a pinch a time or two as well as gaffer's tape. The problem with the latter is that is often a bit too thick, affecting the seating of the filmholder.

By the way, you do not have to worry about the tape being lightproof. When the flap on the holder is in place, it is light tight by itself. You could shoot with no tape at all and not risk light striking the film (unless the flap falls off, of course...). The tape is just a hinge.


Doremus Scudder

Frank Petronio
2-Feb-2011, 08:52

Jim Noel
2-Feb-2011, 10:18
Bookbinder's tape is the only really good solution.
The tape is, but does not have to be, light tight. The trap built into the holder flap is what stops light. The tape is merely a hinge.

John Koehrer
2-Feb-2011, 12:35
Another bookbinders tape user here.

2-Feb-2011, 13:45
Ok, thanks everybody ! I'll start looking in office shops in the neighbourhood, or else the web.


Fred Haeseker
2-Feb-2011, 14:07
Bookbinder's tape is not available where I live in Canada, so I've been searching the internet. All the bookbinding tapes I've come across are transparent. Shouldn't tape for film-holder hinges be black or at least opaque? Also, what would be the best way to trim the tape to the correct width?

Erik Larsen
2-Feb-2011, 14:12
This is the stuff I like and use.

John Koehrer
2-Feb-2011, 17:28
Look for bookbinding supplies/kits on google.
The tape is used for repairing book covers and the like, It doesn't create/leave a gummy residue and is very permanent.

2-Feb-2011, 22:06
they sell book repair supplies

6-Feb-2011, 13:06
+1 for bookbinder's tape.

Dan Dozer
6-Feb-2011, 13:35
they sell book repair supplies

This is where I get mine also. Good company to work with.