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Raven Garrow
20-Feb-2000, 10:29
I've only worked with a 150mm lens (Caltar) with large format (4 x 5 ). Shooting general and table top shots. I'm understanding that 210mm is a "normal" focal l ength, and 150mm is "semi wide". It was recommended by several large format phot ographers that I would be happier with a 210. I need to purchase a lens, and I'm strongly heading towards the Rodenstock APO Siranar "S". There is one"professio nal" camera store in my area that has B+H prices, but the "S" would have to be s pecially ordered. B+H is a two hour drive. I wonder if this lens is a "monster" in size or weight. Thanks.

Ellis Vener
21-Feb-2000, 02:26
The 150 is the "normal" focal length lens for 4x5, in theory at least.. But some people prefer the 180 0r 210 mm focal length and some prefer a 135mmIn my experience a 210 is generally better for most table top shots. A 210mm f/5.6 len s will be larger than a 150mm f/5.6 of similar design but i would hardly call it a monster in terms of either size or weight. The 135mm and longer Caltar II l enses are actually Rodenstock Sironars but whether they are the Sironar-S or a Sironar-N design, I don't know. Call Calumet and ask them: 1.800.CAL.UMET.

Robert A. Zeichner
21-Feb-2000, 07:59
Raven, If you want to save some money, get a very compact lens and a sharp one at that, not to mention incredible coverage, you might seek out a 203mm f7.7 Ektar in a Flash Supermatic shutter. A mint one will only cost no more than $300! Only hitch: by "flash" Kodak meant flash bulbs, so if you plan to use strobes for table top, you'll need something with X sync.

Bob Salomon
21-Feb-2000, 08:28
The S is only very slightly larger and heavier.

For instance a 210 N weighs 15.5 oz and takes a 67mm filter. The 210 S weighs 17.3 oz and takes a 72mm filter.

As we keep a large supply of S lenses in stocks the fact that your dealer needs to special order is no problem. He can even request that we ship directly to you overnight so you have the lens tomorrow.