View Full Version : Schneider Super Symmar 110 XL - with Technikardan

Daniel Taylor
26-Dec-1999, 11:36
I just received notification from UPS that my new lens has made its way from Eng land to Knoxville, and will soon be enroute to Oregon. 110mm extension really co mpresses the standard bellows on my Linhof Technikardan, enough so, that I am wo ndering if I had better order the bag bellows. for closer work, there appears to be enough room for movements, but I am not sure. any observations from those us ing this camera/lens combination?

happy new year ...

Daniel Taylor
26-Dec-1999, 13:19
the archives suggest that the standard bellows will work for no movements, and limited movements for closer subjects. I'll see how it works out. didn't notice the posts first time around.

Sean Donnelly
28-Dec-1999, 01:29
On my TK 45, I generally use the bag bellows even with my 150 mm (except for close-ups, of course), which allows much larger movements than the standard bellows. I think you will want to use the bag bellows with your 110 mm.