View Full Version : Help needed with broken iris blade in Compur #2

1-Feb-2011, 08:09

Is there anybody who could help me with a used Compur # 2 shutter? While cleaning one of my shutters I broke one of the iris blades which are made from a specially treated hard paper.

If somebody would sell me spare parts only, it would be also fine.

Looking forward in your replies.

Best regards

This is how such a blade should look like:

Steven Tribe
1-Feb-2011, 14:58
The thickness is important too!
Would suggest you make a replacement in hard rolled brass of the right thickness. You will need good scissors, a little abrasive paper, drill, solder and some agile fingers.
These fiber type aperture leaves cannot be duplicated with modern materials.

2-Feb-2011, 12:30
Thanks Steven,

you are right, the hard paper is a kind of material which nobody can offer you today. I have to find a second Compur # 2 to be used as a spare part donor. Will see.

Best regards

tom thomas
5-Feb-2011, 14:05
The look of the material in your iris photo looked so familiar. Check out the material used for the case of an old 5.25 floppy disk in my attached photo. Sure looks the same or probably a good substitute.

I'd offer this one but it's from an antique copy of Sideways. Remember that program that allowed us to print wide spread sheets on our tractor fed dot matrix printers, ie pre laser printer days. I have the software package I keep as a souvenir of my computer/printer tech support days. I don't know how many calls I fielded on Lotus 123 and Sideways way back when.

Does anyone have an old floppy that matvogel can use? I sure wish I did. I even hunted through the attic but I only have some 3.5 inch disks left. Is someone has an old 8 inch diskette, it should work as well. IBM Sys/3 or Sys/36 days.