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31-Jan-2011, 20:45
This is a quick one. I've only ever used hardening fix for my negatives. I'm interested in using some lead retouching techniques on negatives that I use in my paper neg process. Is it true that hardening fix is what causes the base side of the negative to become slick (toothless) and unable to take lead? Will using a non-hardening fix leave a rougher tooth on the base side of negatives that will allow it to take lead for retouching? Thank you for your help.

Vlad Soare
1-Feb-2011, 07:35
The base side is slick anyway, with or without hardener. Kodak TXP is the only exception I know of. You can draw on its back with a pencil almost like it were a piece of paper. :)
I don't think hardener has any effect on the base. It might make retouching more difficult on the emulsion side, but not on the back.

Doremus Scudder
2-Feb-2011, 08:33
See here: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/86201-retouching-negatives.html

Some films have a retouching surface on the base side, many do not. Those that do are usually sheet films. Base sides that are not "retouchable" are shiny and smooth. These need retouching fluid to give the surface "tooth" so that the pencil adheres. It is kind of hard to find the fluid these days. See the pdf document from Kodak in the thread referenced above.

You can also pencil on the emulsion side, but you need often need retouching fluid as well (see the section on pencil retouching in the document above).

Hope this helps.


Doremus Scudder

9-Feb-2011, 11:31
Thank you!