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31-Jan-2011, 17:11
I had a whole lot of equipment stolen a week or two ago. There were 1) 11x14, 3) 8x10, 2) 5x7, 4) 4x5, about 50 view lenses, a RB67 system, plus other things. I live in Southern California. Email me at johneg777@yahoo.com for details if you have seen anything too good to be true. PLEASE This was my life.

Mark Woods
31-Jan-2011, 17:20
I'm really sorry to learn of your loss. Is there a way for you to post serial numbers or images of you gear so we can be on the lookout?

Daniel Stone
31-Jan-2011, 17:25
if you have some sort of a list of the makes/models, serial #'s, etc... that would probably be helpful, less time emailing back and forth.

I check C-list almost daily, but if you somewhat of a list, that would be best for everyone to keep a lookout

I'm in LA btw...


Joseph Dickerson
31-Jan-2011, 17:42
Another LFer buddy who feels your pain.

Please gives us a list so we can keep ours eyes peeled.

I'm in Santa Barbara area and check Craig's List often.

Joe D.

1-Feb-2011, 16:08
Sorry about the loss.

1-Feb-2011, 17:15
A partial list is: 1) 11x14 burke and james monorail black bellows, 1) 8x10 burke and james monorail red bellows, 1) 8x10 kodak 2D, 1) 8x10 burke and james field camera red bellows, 1) 5x7 Kodak 2D w/ plaque (TO JOHN FROM ANSEL 1975), 1) 4x5 Graphic View long rail, 1) 4x5 Graphic View short rail, 2) 4x5 speed graphics, RB67 System ( 3 bodies, 4 backs, 4 lenses,etc) Plus 20 view lenses in barrel, 30 view lenses in shutter. Plus a ton of other stuff.

1-Feb-2011, 18:20
Here is a list of what was taken:

Stolen Item Details

Link to photos: http://dtate1.net/JG/StolenItemsPics/index.html

Large format 11x14
11x14 Burke & James Monorail
View Camera
8x10 Rreducing back
5x7 Reducing back
3 Lens boards in brown fiberboard case
Black Bellows 3 feet by 36 inches

Large format 8x10
Burke & James Grover Monorail in black case.
5x7 Reducing back
4x5 reducing back
4 each 8x10 film hloders
4 each 5x7 film holders
4 each 4x5 film holders
Red bellows
7 each lens boards
Dark Cloth
Tripod adapter clamp
Lens shade
8x10 Polaroid back
4x5 Polaroid back
Luna Pro Light meter

Large format 8x10
8x10 Burke and James Flatbed View Camera
5x7 reducing back in grey case
2 lens boards
grey bellows
Pentax Spot light meter in grey case

Large format 8x10
Kodak 2D 8x10 with black case.
5x7 reducing back
4x5 reducing back
4 each 8x10 holders
4 each 5x7 holders
4 each 4x5 holders
Dark cloth
7 lens boards
Lens shade
Polaroid Back
Wesson Light meter in black case

Large Format 5x7
Kodak 2D 5x7 (restored) in silver metal case.
4x5 reducing back with splitter
5 each 5x7 film holders
5 each 4x5 film holders
7 lens boards
dark cloth
lens shade
Polaroid back
Plaque"To John from Ansel 1975"
Sekonic Light meter

Large Format 5x7
Burke and James Grover 5x7 monorail with silver metal case
4x5 reducing back
5 each 5x7 film holders
5 each 4x5 film ho;ders
Wesson Light meter in black case
7 lens boards
Dark cloth
Tripod adapter
Lens shade
Polaroid back

Large Format 6.5 x 8.5
6.5 x 8.5 modified plate view camera in sliver metal case
Modified 5x7 back
New black bellows

Large Format 4x5
4x5 Graphic View Long Rail Camera with black painted metal case.
Tripod adapter
6X7 roll film adapter
10-4X5 film holders
Minolta spot meter
7 lens boards
Dark cloth
Lens shade
Polaroid back

Large Format 4x5
4x5 Graphic View short Rail with white painted case
Bag bellows (extra)
Rolll film adapter 6x6
7 each 4x5 film holders
Minolta Spot meter
5 each lens boards
dark cloth
Tripod Adapter
Lens shade
Polaroid back

Large Format 4x5
4x5 Linhoff Flat Bed with grey case
Linhoff Roll film adapter
5 lens boards
Polaroid back
Lens shade
Polaroid light meter

Large Format 4x5
2 each Speed Graphics Press cameras in silver case.
2 each roll film adapters
2 each polaroid backs
2 each Metz Flash Gun in a briefcase
Vivitar Flash 283

1 case various shutters, Packard, Roller, Ilex speed controllers in a briefcase

Medium Format
3 each RB67 bodies
one Polaroid back
2 each 120 back
one each 220 back
one rotating back
2 each waist level finders
one Poro Finder
2 each lens shades
one Minota metal spot meter
one 50mm 4.5 lens
one 90mm 3.8 lens
one 127mm 3.8 lens
one 180mm 4.5 lens

Large Format Barrel Lenses
Inches MM f/stop
3.5 87 6.3
90 4.5
105 6.3
127 4.5
6.34 163 4.5
6.5 166 4.5
7.5 191 4.5
7.5 191 4.5
8.5 216 4.5
12 308 4.5
12 308 4.5 Ilex
420 9 Nikkor
17 434 5.6
18.5 472 10
590 11
5x7 4.5

Large Format Shutter Lenses
MM f/stop Shutter type
60 1.4 Ilex #1 electronic
75 4.5 Polaroid MP3
75 4.5 Argus
86 11 shutter
105 4.5 shutter
111 7.9 Codex
114 4.5 shutter
120 6.3 shutter
126 8.8 shutter
127 4.7 graphic #2
135 4.5 polariod MP4
140 4.5 Ilex #3
150 4.5 Compur #3
163 4.5 Ilex #3
185 6.3 Pentax #2
191 4.5 Ilex #3
210 Ilex #4
216 6.3 Acme #3
255 6.3 Alphax
308 10 lex #3 electronic
4x5 Reticular 4 Unicom
4x5 Reticular 8 Unicom
590 6 Ilex #5
1100 6 Ilex #5

Convertible Lenses
mm f/stop shutter type
240-420 5.6 Compur
179-280 5.6 Baushe and Lomb
217-510 8 Unicom
280-587 8
208-536 8 Unicom
308-612 6.8 Pentax #3
357-714 6.8 Pentax #3
357-714 6.8 Ilex #3

Survival Gear
3 Kelty Blue backpacks
3 each sleeping bags
2 tents
3 ground pads

Medical supplies
10 Boxes assorted sutures
5 complete surgical kits
3 boxes 1 cc syringes, 100 per box
one case Quik Clot
one case MultiTrauma Dressings
7 boxes 5 ml syringes 100 per box
3 bSringe, 100 per box
5 assorted boxes of needles, 100 each
25 boxes assorted scapel
one case IV bags
2 case assorted MRE's
3 cases assorted freeze dried food.

rounds caliber
2000 22
550 .223 / 5.56
500 7.62 x 39
500 7.62x54R
100 30.06
1000 12 guage
200 38 special
300 0.4
2 cases 37 mm flare
2 cases 26.5 mm flare
2 cases 12 Ga flare

3-9 x 42 Scope
one green laser scope
one red laser scope
3 U.S. military wooden ammo boxes

1-Feb-2011, 18:33
Here are some photos









Richard K.
1-Feb-2011, 18:54
I am completely sickened by this and will keep an eye out in my area (you never know).
What were the circumstances of the theft?

Marek Warunkiewicz
1-Feb-2011, 19:01
I will as well, look out for this. My thoughts are with you.

Jim Fitzgerald
1-Feb-2011, 19:08
Holly Sh..! I would be freaking out if I lost this much equipment. I'm in Ventura and look for gear all of the time and I'll keep my eyes out. This makes me sick. So I know how to protect myself where did the gear get stolen? Did someone break into your home?

1-Feb-2011, 19:18
Insurance i hope...?

Michael Clark
1-Feb-2011, 20:44
I live in LA and some times go to camera swap meets,there is two I know of ,one in Pasadena and the other in Anaheim that I know of,haven't been in a while but I know a B&J when I see it,have one myself. The ammo would be more difficult.

Mark Woods
1-Feb-2011, 20:51
Hello johneg777,

Where do you live? There is no mention of the general area where you live. I think that will help.

1-Feb-2011, 20:53
My climate controlled SECURE storage was broken into. It had to be pro's by the way they did it. please keep an eye out at shops and swap meets. REWARD Not a huge one I'm just a disabled vet so I don't have a lot of money. BTW I live in Hemet,Ca.

4-Feb-2011, 14:33
I have recovered one camera from Ebay. It was the 2D given to me by Ansel Adams. I would still appreciate anyone keeping an eye out. And yes, no insurance.

4-Feb-2011, 14:43
I have recovered one camera from Ebay. It was the 2D given to me by Ansel Adams. I would still appreciate anyone keeping an eye out. And yes, no insurance.

I hope you have reported this to the local police; I would also give them whatever info you have from when you recovered the camera you mention and see if they can use that a starting point to help recover the rest of the items.

Best of luck,

Eric James
4-Feb-2011, 14:59
As Leon suggests, chasing the eBay lead seem crucial. I'm glad to read that you've recovered such a precious item! Good luck!

4-Feb-2011, 15:04
I also will keep an eye out for you buddy. I'm really sorry for your lost and I hope the police can help find the criminals!

I'm glad the Kodak 2d Ansel Adams gave you was recovered, that would be one of the items I would have been broken hearted over!

I'm in Los Angeles and also frequent the pasadena camera show/swap meet.

Steven Tribe
4-Feb-2011, 15:48
"I have recovered one camera from Ebay."

How on earth did you do this? I can understand - search, detection, reporting to e**y, item removed, seller removed - but not recovery, unless the seller was reselling a bought item?

4-Feb-2011, 17:04
Yes, he bought the camera at the Rubioux swap meet. What a gentleman. I started crying when I saw it at the Police Station.

Robert Perrin
4-Feb-2011, 17:35
I've posted a link on another site (FotoFanatic) with a request that people there watch for any of the gear.

Steven Tribe
5-Feb-2011, 06:29
Are these swap meets organised, in that sellers have to register before being allowed onto the site? Otherwise they will be an eldorado for stolen items.

Steve M Hostetter
5-Feb-2011, 15:20
Sorry to hear this!
I'd see If the storage units have insurance on such things. They should at least have video surveillance..
The units I've seen around here have tall fences around the properties and would be near impossible to get in unless you had a unit..
More then likely the thief knew you and what you had stored..!

6-Feb-2011, 22:48
The police think that these people had a unit in there. The POS that sold the one camera was hispanic.

Peter Gomena
6-Feb-2011, 23:34
I once had my storage unit broken into. It was literally cut into from an adjacent unit. Fortunately, the manager was on his toes, called the cops, and the guys were busted. I recovered all my belongings. I hope you have as good of luck. And I hope the judge swiftly and justly punishes the thieves.

Peter Gomena

7-Feb-2011, 00:47
The police think that these people had a unit in there. The POS that sold the one camera was hispanic.

Being a piece of shit doesn't require any particular ethnicity for confirmation. Their actions work just fine for this purpose.

Steven Tribe
7-Feb-2011, 04:50
The police think that these people had a unit in there.
So the rest of the items could still be in another unit in the same storage facility?

7-Feb-2011, 20:38
Not being racist, just stated a fact to help anyone else out there looking. As much as I want vengence really I just want my stuff back. It was my life.

Lynn Jones
8-Feb-2011, 09:15
Based on my LF background, large amounts of professional photo equipment are flown to Taiwan where it is quickly disposed of.


8-Feb-2011, 12:26
I really don't think that these guys are that smart. The one camera I recovered was sold at a swap meet.

8-Feb-2011, 18:04
The Police and I don't think that that will happen.

9-Feb-2011, 23:59
Anyone going to to one of the shows this weekend please keep an eye out please.

10-Feb-2011, 14:23
Bump for John. I won't be able to attend this weekend because of Valentine's weekend but I will check the following.

10-Feb-2011, 21:34
I'd luuuuv to find these punks. As much as I would like vengence really all I want is my stuff back.

Steve M Hostetter
11-Feb-2011, 18:56
Being a piece of shit doesn't require any particular ethnicity for confirmation. Their actions work just fine for this purpose.

he's been watchin to many episodes of bait car?

12-Feb-2011, 22:35
:( :( :(

13-Feb-2011, 06:18
I thought of this thread watching "storage wars" where guys bid on storage lockers people never paid rent for.

"Hey these electronics are still new in the box", "lots of nice tools in here"

14-Feb-2011, 22:35
:( Still no joy :(

16-Feb-2011, 00:51
:( :(

17-Feb-2011, 15:57
I feel for you. Up until a decade ago, I have been a habitual victim of theft throughout my life. It has always been a close-friend or acquaintance who liberated my possesions and/or money. Just about all of them were good people. First-time offenders and did it out of opportunity and bad judgement. A couple I just didn't know well enough.

Unless you had weapons in there with your ammunition, it's likely that you were targetted for your photography equipment. If other stalls in the storage complex weren't hit, here are some questions to ask yourself which might help you locate who robbed you......

If you go often, and are not discreet, it could be anyone. But I doubt the general public would go through the trouble to go after "vintage" equipment without knowing how they would be able to profit from it. I am of the impression only amateurs steal large quantities of something without any idea how to move it. So it would have been someone in the photography community. Which is evident by the fact that your equipment ended up so quickly at community run swap meets.

So the question remains.......Who have you taken to your storage stall? Who knows what you keep in that storage stall?

The hardest part is getting over the fact that it could be someone you consider a good friend who is behind it. Once you're past that point, figuring out who did it is easy.

22-Feb-2011, 11:50
THERE IS A GOD!!!!!! THERE IS JOY!!! I recovered about 85% of the photographic items today. I saw a listing on EBAY and knew it was my stuff. I took it to the police. Friday they called me and told me to come down this morning. I expected to recover ONLY the listed items. Instead there was a truck load of stuff. I still have to go through everything BUT the meat of the items are there for sure. I'm so happy I could just crap.

Fred L
22-Feb-2011, 12:02
WOW !! great news John.

Robert Hughes
22-Feb-2011, 12:03
It's incredible somebody would be stupid enough to list stolen gear on eBay. OTOH, I once reported a seller that bragged that his stuff was stolen from a US Army base. The same stuff turned up a week later, without the blatant rip-off line, under a different name.

22-Feb-2011, 12:21
Thats fantastic news. Happy for you :)

evan clarke
22-Feb-2011, 13:07
A friend in Chicago had his garage burglarized and his equipment was all stolen. The camera is a custom built 8x20 which he fabricated from a Kodak 8x10..If anybody sees something like this, please yell..EC

Scott Walker
22-Feb-2011, 13:13
Great news John

22-Feb-2011, 13:27
That's terrific news--man, it's nice to get a happy ending once in a while. :D

Vick Vickery
22-Feb-2011, 13:30
Great news, John...every once in a while the system really does work! :) Did they determine if the eBay lister was the theif?

Steve Goldstein
22-Feb-2011, 13:47
That's fantastic news, John. Who was the eBay seller? This is someone we should probably all avoid in the future (assuming he's not the thief, too, in which case he might be out of circulation for a while).

Don't forget, once you get the stuff back, make a complete inventory with serial numbers.

22-Feb-2011, 20:52
I've been recording and photographing everything today. Real slow work. If it didn't have a number I etched one on. The seller wasn't the thief buuut people say he's a local fence. You know "WE BUY GOLD". I'm putting a safe door on one of my bedrooms in place of the regular door. Thats beside the gun safes bolted to the wall and floor. Oh and bars on the window. If anyone gets anything from me this time either they or I will be dead. I mean the 1100mm lens is gone I know for sure but most of the meat is there INCLUDING all the cameras PRAISE GOD!!! :)

22-Feb-2011, 21:02
That's fantastic news, John. Who was the eBay seller? This is someone we should probably all avoid in the future (assuming he's not the thief, too, in which case he might be out of circulation for a while).

Don't forget, once you get the stuff back, make a complete inventory with serial numbers.

Was the Ebay seller/fence someone in Nashville or was it moved to another city?

22-Feb-2011, 22:19
No, It was here in Southern California. Even though he bought it I'm still going to give him a reward. He really didn't have to bring EVERYTHING he bought back.

Len Middleton
23-Feb-2011, 16:44
I am sure he must of brought it back for strickly ultruistic reasons, and may have felt bad about what had been done to you...

That and potentially not wanting the police to tear his place aparrt to find out what other stolen property he was in poccession of... :D

I suspect that cat has not changed his spots!! :eek:

23-Feb-2011, 17:45
Awesome. :) Has the thief been caught? Any other story on this? We ALL love a good story. :D

26-Feb-2011, 22:01
Well after I got back most of my equipment ( about 80%) twice I got back more stuff from him ( 3 RB lenses). The last time was today when I got back my 180mm RB lems. My brother went with me. He is a Detective for Riverside County Sheriff Dept. After we left he said " This guy is a slimeball. I'm willing to bet he has all your stuff. He just smells bad." Hmmmmmm what do you think?

26-Feb-2011, 22:06
I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and concerns. Thanks again. :)

28-Feb-2011, 07:49
After you consider everything fully taken care of, you could update your police with details of how you got your stuff back. If he's a slimeball, he could be an important piece of a puzzle for many investigations. If he's an honest guy, he could be an asset to the police.

Michael Cienfuegos
28-Feb-2011, 07:57
So happy to hear that you got most of your stuff back. Most people never see their things once they have been stolen. I knew there was a reason for a gun safe other than guns. I have most of my camera equipment in that safe. It wasn't cheap, but definitely was money well spent.

Bill Brownfield
5-Mar-2011, 19:35
I am very sorry to read of your loss. Hope that you are able to replace at least some of your equipment and resume photographing.
Bill Brownfield