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29-Apr-1999, 13:27

My Busch 4x5 bellows is almost 40 years old. Though it looks healthy, i want to know general bellows do's and don'ts. I am in tropical coastal region with very high humidity. Ofcourse, all my equipment are kept in dry cabinet when not in u se but, they are still exposed to harsh weather for long time when i go for shoo ting.

So, I am looking for general bellows cleaning, maintenance and preventive tips. Thanks in advance.

N Dhananjay
31-May-1999, 16:53
hi dust them regularly, inside and out. check for pinholes. take it into a darkroom, remove the back, shine a flashlight in and check for pinholes. these can then be patched with tape, bellows seal etc. hope this helps. dj