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30-Jan-2011, 07:52
I have trouble thinking outside of the box, so I need a fresh perspective.

My camera back takes a slightly larger film holder than most other cameras. Aprox. 1/8" on both sides and 1/4" at the bottom. Not sure if it was some kind of plate camera or what, but I have been shooting with only two film holders for years now, as I have had trouble finding more that will fit my camera.

I have acquired 7 modern black plastic holders and would like to be able to carry some more film on an outing but don't know if light will be able to sneak around the newer holders since there is that small gap.

I considered purchasing a different back and fitting it to the camera, but if that is not entirely necessary, I would rather not.

Any ideas?

Steve Hamley
30-Jan-2011, 08:02
I think Richard Ritter could modify the back for you at a reasonable price.

However, since the camera is not an expensive one unless possibly it's a "time capsule" camera, I'd just consider putting the modification money towards picking up a Kodak 2D or something similar. You could then sell the F&S and holders to defray the cost (or not).

Cheers, Steve

30-Jan-2011, 08:22
have you tries the plastic holders? they should work. 8x10 is pretty standard. as long as the grove on the holder sits in the light trap and there is no light coming around the sides you should be fine. put a holder in and put a flashlight inside of the camera...check around the holder for leaks. i bet you are fine.

Scott --
30-Jan-2011, 08:30
If I'm understanding you correctly, could you try applying a 1/16" brass strip to either side, and a 1/4" strip to the bottom of a plastic holder to make up for the size difference?

Rod Klukas
30-Jan-2011, 09:32
lift the ground glass and check if there is a groove across the width of the back to allow the ridge on the holder to create a light trap. If there is a ridge your camera back is very old and would need an extensive modification. If there is a groove you idea of spacers is a low cost alternative. Use wood and not metal, as the metal might reflect even if painted. Folmer and Schwing did make a few cameras with this weird ridge back in stead of the now clearly superior 'groove back' design.

30-Jan-2011, 15:23
Rod, mine has the groove, not the ridge, so the top of the film holder, modern and old, both fit into the groove. So the only problem, which may not actually be a problem if light doesn't leak by, is the small space around the sides and bottom when the modern holders are used.

I may try cutting a long strip of thick (1/16") black felt that I can keep with the camera, that is the width of the film holder. I can just lay it across the top of the camera back as before I push the film holder in. The felt will slide down with the bottom of the film holder and will fill in the gaps along the sides and bottom.
Will have to give that a try.

As Eddie said though, may not be necessary. I may set the camera up in the bathroom and try a light inside it and see if there is any light leaks.