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28-Sep-1999, 23:45
After years of shooting Polaroids and 35mm, I decided to shoot some "real film." When I asked the clerk what emulsions 4x5 film packs come in, I had to explaim to the young guy what a film pack is. I might as well have been talking about glass plates! Apparently they haven't made them for 10 years. Is there no mark et for these things? I wish I had a freezer full.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
29-Sep-1999, 00:35
The more recent equivalent are the Fuji QuickLoad and the Kodak Readyload. I have no experience with either as they don't get any bigger than 4 X 5 but many here have extensive experience and opinions on them. Ellis? Rob T.?

29-Sep-1999, 04:06
An 8 sheet film pack called "Quickchange" is available in Japan from Fuji - Velvia, Astia and Provia etc. Needs a special holder, which is quite pricey. Consequently I've stuck with Fuji Quickload.

Robert A. Zeichner
29-Sep-1999, 19:29
Bill, You might take a look at http://www.graflex.org/speed-graphic/ grafmatic/ This is an instruction booklet on the use of the Grafmatic system. I see these from time to time on e-bay etc. It would certainly open up the range of emulsions you could pre-load. I've used Kodak Readyloads, but with erratic success. There's a ton of opinions on that topic all over the net. I've found that more times than not, I need the extra speed of TMY and so I have no choice but to use film holders. I suppose if TMY were available in Readyloads, I would give that system another try. Good luck in your search. BZ

29-Sep-1999, 23:36
Bob, thanks for the suggestion. I have several Grafmatics. As you know, they hold six sheets and are fairly heavy and bulky, though not as bad as the old 12 shot magazines. The last time I used a film pack it had 16 shots of 4x5 Tri-X. and about the same size and half the weight of a single Grafmatic. The only drawback was that the film emulsion was on roll-film stock. In the darkroom you could rob any number (1 to 16)you'd exposed. It was a beautiful system; I can't believe it's gone. Bill