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27-Sep-1999, 21:41
I have an older version of the Nikkor 300mm f/9, which has a switch which can to ggle between "X" and "M". What is the meaning of the settings - I assume they ar e to do with flash sync?, and what is the correct setting for normal daylight ph otography? Does the setting affect the shutter speed in any way?

pat j. krentz
28-Sep-1999, 00:02
X is for electronic flash, M is for flash bulbs. Pat

Tony Brent
1-Oct-1999, 22:04
To amplify a bit more, X sync, as mentioned, is for electronic flash. The flash is fired when the shutter blades are all the way open. M sync first fires the flash bulb, and lets it reach its maximum brightness, then about 20 milliseconds later opens the shutter.