View Full Version : Another question about contrast control

22-Sep-1999, 00:26
I have one more question about getting contrast control. I have ILFOCHOROME dy-filter 6x6in for color printing. Is it possible to use this filter for my black and white printing using regular tungsten light source? (I am using ILFORD MGF paper. ) AND, if it's possible, is there any chart shows equivalents between Ilford Multigrade Filters for B+W printing and ILFOCHOROME dy-filter for color printing? THANK YOU, ANAUSAGI

Alan Gibson
22-Sep-1999, 09:24
Do your Ilfochrome filters have designations like 50Y for the yellow filter? If so, you should look at the leaflet that comes with Multigrade papers. This gives the correspondence between filter packs and grades.

Lot Wouda
22-Sep-1999, 16:45
Yes, you can, although grade 5 is an amount of magenta which is not delivered by one filter in the color-set (max. 40M). My Kodak color filters range from 5, 10, 20 to 40Y/M, which makes 75Y or M maximum if you use them all at once. I don't even know if 75M equals grade 5, it seems not. I experimented with color filters for multicontrast paper, but the multigrade filters stepping up with half a grade always made it possible to get the right gradation for a negative. The steps in color filters are smaller.