View Full Version : Super Angulon 80/8 in Linhof guise

25-Nov-1999, 21:05
I managed to aquire for a very good price a 90/8 in linhof barrel and shutter [l ens by Schneider] Does anyone use this lens.

26-Nov-1999, 20:37

Good coverage, exellent sharpness, excellent contrast. For my money, the Linhof branded Schneiders, although generally in Compur shutters, are a very attractive alternative to the higher priced Copal shuttered lenses. I also picked up a 121mm S.A. that is a Sinar branded lens. Also much more reasonably priced than the regular Schneider lens, if the glass is spotless I would never hesitate to consider one of these lenses.

Bob Salomon
27-Nov-1999, 06:48
1: Today Linhof supplies all of their lenses in Copal rather than Compur shutters. The exception are the lenses in Protor TK shutter for the Technikardan and lenses in Horseman ISS 2, Prontor Protronic or Rollei Linear Motor shutters for digital imaging.

2: Compur shutters are considerably more expensive than Copal shutters and that is the reason for #1. Copal is the least expensive between the lens shutter made today.