View Full Version : Question about Kodak Eastman 916mm f/8

28-Jan-2011, 06:46
I just bought an Kodak eastman 916mm f/8 telephoto lens. It just ha 2 part without aperture iris. I want to know infomation about joint clearance of this to make waterhouse for.
Are there anybody known, please help me! Thanks much:)

29-Jan-2011, 09:39

Chauncey Walden
29-Jan-2011, 14:24
The LVM just has this: Kodak Aerial f8.0 36in This has been reported as one of the lenses used on 9x9in WW2 cameras.

30-Jan-2011, 09:46
I don't understand the question- what is "joint clearance"?
I have a B&L 36 in 914mm in a barrel with shutter, iris etc. The shutter is iffy, and the controls were apparently on the body of the camera, that I never had.
I rigged up a way to shoot 4x5 in a Anniv Graphic body. yes well, it weighs a ton and is ungainly, so i haven't taken it out to make an actual photgraph, cuz I have yet to figure out how to support the assembly. Probly a tripod with a 3/4 inch bolt will work.

Dan Fromm
30-Jan-2011, 10:39
Ed, take pity on the OP. He's not a native speaker of English. That's he's trying to communicate with us in our language is wonderful.

He wants to know cell spacing. FWIW, a while ago I gave away a 36"/8 B&H telephoto that was missing its shutter and diaphragm. The two cells were held together by a collar. Spacing may not have been horribly off, the thing formed an image.

31-Jan-2011, 10:33
Thank you all! English is not my Mother Word, sorry if you don't understand.