View Full Version : Deardorff lensboards for Wisner?

Todd Caudle
24-Nov-1999, 11:26
Ron Wisner's website states that Deardorff lens boards are compatible with Wisne r cameras. Two questions: Does (did) Deardorff make a recessed lensboard I might be able to use? If so, might anyone know where I might track one down?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
24-Nov-1999, 12:41
I saw that and am not sure what Mr. Wisner means. The Deardorff 8 X 10 has a 6" X 6" square or rounded corner board while the Wisner 8 X 10 (and 5 X 7 as well as other larger sizes) has a 5.25" square board. The 'dorff 4 X 5 and 5 X 7 have 4.5" square or rounded corner boards and the Wisner has 4 X 4. I think Ron must make an adapter or I'm mis-reading him.

In any event Deardorff made one of just about everything you could think of recessed boards, extended boards (and even extended cones) etc. They were essentially a family business and like Wisner, able to provide pretty much whatever custom item a customer might want.

To find one, like the rest of us, you'll have to look Steve Shuart in PA might make 'em. Ken Hough would make one. Ron Wisner could make one as could Jim Galvin, et. al. To get an original used one go to the large reputable dealers, Lens & Repro, Midwest Camera Exchange, Photogrphic Systems, The F Stops Here..... In Chicago, The Photo Emporium specializes in 'dorff gear.

Tito Sobrinho.
24-Nov-1999, 20:30
Hi, Todd: My 5x7 Deardorff View (same back as the 4x5 Special), share the same lens board as my Wisner 4x5 Technical field. If Ron has a recessed lens board for his 4x5, you can use it on a Deardorff 4x5-5x7. For the 8x10 I do not have the answer. Email to Ron Wisner and he will tell you. Best, Tito

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
25-Nov-1999, 03:14
Ken Hough informs me that prior to approximatley 1950, 5 X 7 & 4 X 5 Deardorff lens boards would've been 4.5" square, and 4" square, starting around 1950. So, check whatever you buy carefully before you put down your $.