View Full Version : Precise dimension of 11x14 film

Erik Ryberg
17-Sep-1999, 12:30

I recently purchased on ebay what was advertised to be an 11x14 film holder for a box camera I want to make. Bu it turns out it is actually a glass plate holde r, judging from the design. I suppose I could put film in the thing, but there are no film grooves, just some metal tabs that are about 3/16" from the base whe re the film plane would be. Just right for a piece of glass though.

So now, since the thing was sold "as is" of course and the shipping was 20% the purchase price (37$) I'm thinking about modifying it.

I wonder if anyone out there has the exact dimensions of 11x14 sheet film so I d on't have to buy a 50$ box of film on an experiment that may not work. Thanks.