View Full Version : BW print on canvas

27-Jan-2011, 06:03
Hi guys,

I recently ordered a print on canvas. Yesterday I received the canvas and I was so disappointed about how it looked. The shadows are pure black, the midtones became shadow, overall the image looks very underexposed..

The used process is "UV art print on canvas". Is there a problem with the process that the print is so dim? Or the company did a bad job? They claim they have the best tools on the market for printing and each employee is very good in his job...

27-Jan-2011, 06:07
Your file will always look brighter on your monitor. Maybe they didn't have their system calibrated, or maybe yours wasn't calibrated either?

I've never printed onto canvas, but sometimes I've had images come out terrible when processed by a lab, because the machine makes the images too contrasty - they lose shadow and highlight detail.