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26-Jan-2011, 13:47
I developed my first 8x10 neg today, and I'm rather pleased that something was on the neg, but I probably did something wrong; please have a look at the colourscan of the neg: what are those green spots ?

I developed in a Jobo 3063 drum on a CPP-2. The film is Fomapan 100, 9 min at 20C in Rodinal 1+50. I used 300ml of fluid.

The only thing I can think of is that I put some vaseline on the inside of the lid, in order to be able to remove it easily (I've read that tip somewhere, and it worked). I wiped of my hands on a clean towel, but I did touch the neg when it was in the drum, to check if it was blocked as it should (it was). Is it possible that there was still enough vaseline on my fingers to have this effect ? Next time, I'll put on medical gloves before touching the film.

Any other ideas ? Any other comments on this neg ?


Gem Singer
26-Jan-2011, 13:58
The green color could be where the base side of the film was touching the surface of the drum and the anti-halation dye did not get removed.

Try refixing the film in a tray and washing it again.

Oren Grad
26-Jan-2011, 14:00
I'd guess it's residual antihalation dye because the processing solutions weren't able to reach all of the base side of the film, against the wall of the drum. Try agitating the negative for several minutes in a tray of Kodak hypo clearing agent, Perma Wash or equivalent, then re-washing.

I've had this problem when using a 3063 to develop ULF sheets of Fortepan, though not with HP5 Plus.

If this is indeed the problem, using a larger volume of solution in the drum may help, or you may need to include dunking the negative in a tray of clearing agent as a standard part of your processing cycle.

MIke Sherck
26-Jan-2011, 14:15
Foma's anti-halation dye is a lovely emerald green, so I agree with the previous posters. Just wash it again in distilled water with some Photo-Flo or the like and the dye should come right off.


27-Jan-2011, 13:39
Ok, solved: just soaking some time in distilled water and drying again: perfect :) !

Thanks everyone.


29-Jan-2011, 13:33
Finger prints?

29-Jan-2011, 13:38
Sure look like 'digital' artifacts. ;)