View Full Version : Linhof Tech IV lens cam problem

John Q Burch
18-Nov-1999, 01:38
My friend recently purchased a "new" Linhof Technica IV and he has a question th at I cannot answer as I only have experience with my "old "Linhof Technica III. The question is do you have to remove the lens cam prior to closing the camera? With my Tech III any cam can be left on 90mm & 150mm (I never tried it with th e 240mm as it will not close with that lens in place). When the Tech IV is clos ed with his new cam for the 150mm installed the cam is pulled off by one of the two rail stops when the bed is opened. The Linhof repair place that cut the cam for him told him on the phone that "all Tech IV do this and that it is normal". He was told to pull the cam out prior to closing the bed to solve this problem ! Can some who uses a Tech IV please answer the question, is this normal for th is camera??

Bob Salomon
18-Nov-1999, 06:10
How did the camming?