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26-Jan-2011, 09:52
I've started running a comparison of colour films and am currently processing and scanning 7 transparency films and 5 negative films. These encompass (I think) all of the colour films available in at least 4x5. I'm using Portra 400NC in my current tests but will be getting hold of some of the new 400 as soon as possible.

In the first test I cocked up the exposure of the Ektar (double exposed it) and there is a but of a gap between the first six transparency films and the negative films (so the E100V will have the sun in a slightly different position).

I'm using two graphmatics to hold the films in order to have as little time between exposures as possible. I'm going to be taking 9 more shots in this comparison tests and I should add that Digilab in Newcastle-upon-tyne, UK have processed the film for free for me (i.e. they sponsored the test).

Hope you find the results interesting - I realise already that any comparison has it's faults but hopefully it's better than no comparison.


If you have any suggestions of the types of subject or conditions for the remaining shots, please let me know (the next shot is of a half polarised blue sky with a green fir tree with very dark pine cones and orange/red female cones).


Tim Parkin

26-Jan-2011, 10:15
Thanks for the comparison Tim. The Porta 400NC gave surprisingly plesant results.

Noah A
26-Jan-2011, 11:11
Interesting test, though the ektar is tough to compare due to the double exposure.

Try the new Portra, you'll like it:D . If you can find some:confused: .

I've been shooting 160NC in bright light and for night work and 400NC (sometimes overexposed by a stop) for indoor work or lower outdoor light. I did some tests with the new Portra 400, the old Portra 400NC and 160NC. The new film is very good. The differences were fairly minor, even in print sections equal to a 60x75in. print, and frankly I no longer see any reason to shoot the 160.

Well, there is one reason. The Portra 400 is impossible to find. I lucked out and found two boxes at my local store, but I want to order some for an upcoming trip and I'm having a heck of a time finding it. Also I really wish they'd sell it in 50-sheet boxes, which would be much more convenient for traveling.

26-Jan-2011, 15:50
Very nice comparison, thank you for posting!