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Uri A
26-Jan-2011, 07:37
Hi kids,

I am working on a series of ultra-large prints off 8x10 color film. Everything looks good at 12" wide, but at 2m wide ... you start to see the capabilities of a lens (FYI I shoot almost everything at f22) Currently shooting on a Schneider Apo-Symmar,which is OK ... not magical at the edges. So I was wondering ... what would be the BEST 240mm fr 8x10 if $ was no object - I mean image circle and sharpness.

Your thoughts?


Noah A
26-Jan-2011, 07:55
When I was shooting 8x10 I used an Apo-Sironar S 240mm. The lens was outstanding, in fact it's one of my favorite lenses I've used in any format.

Frank Petronio
26-Jan-2011, 09:26
If you're shooting test charts probably the Sironar-S but if you are going for overall "feel" I can't imagine there would be more of a difference between the same era Rodenstock versus Schneider? There probably is more of a difference in sample variation at this level of being critical.

You're at the point of buying lenses and testing them against each other.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
26-Jan-2011, 09:44
I also really like my 240/5.6 Sironar-S, it has a bit more coverage than the Symmar so you won't be pushing out to the edges quite as much, but Frank is probably right, in the real world there won't be much difference between that and your Symmar.

Drew Wiley
26-Jan-2011, 09:59
Just depends how much movement you need and what kind of falloff is acceptable in
the field of illumination (a distinct issue from corner sharpness). Even on 8x10 I have
a strong preference for a no.1 shutter with high degrees of magnification because you
get the least amount of vibration. For field use, a 240 Fuji A or 250 G-Claron will give
excellent sharpness in very light weight, but not a lot of rise without stopping down
to at least f/45. But a reasonably compact lens with a #1 shutter which will give you
more image circle is the older-style Fuji W 250/6.7. Very sharp indeed with excellent
color transmission characteristics. Dont confuse it with the 6.3 version or the bulkier
5.6 plasmats. There are numerous options in this focal length, but I'm just describing
the ones I have personally made big prints from.

John Berry
26-Jan-2011, 10:54
My 240 G-claron is brittle sharp. The 10" wide field ektar was smooth sharp. Do not underestimate Drews' recommendation on the fuji W 250.

Tony Lakin
26-Jan-2011, 11:38
My 240mm f9 Computar is bitingly sharp and will cover 11x14.

26-Jan-2011, 16:52
What enlarging lens are you using? If your small prints are OK but you are starting to lose edge sharpness with bigger enlargements (like up to 8x in your case) you are getting close to the image circle limits of most standard 8x10 enlarging lenses. You might try something like a Rodagon-G

Ben Calwell
26-Jan-2011, 17:02
I, too, use the Fuji 250mm 6.7 and get good results from it.

Uri A
27-Jan-2011, 05:19
Hi everyone and thank you all for your comments!

@ic-racer: I don't do darkroom in colour - everything is scanned and printed inkjet.
@drew - that's interesting about your preference for the #1, but I don't think vibration is my issue (buildings and everything near center is sharp). not sure I want to move to a 250 either ... more likely a 210 or stick with 240, but that's good advice thanks
@ john & tony - i'll check out those 240 lenses you mentioned, thanks!

Thanks to you all. Happy shooting.