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Raymond Bleesz
9-Nov-1999, 12:11
presently, i have a universal gelatin filter holder & a few filters for my view camera which is a arca swiss 6x9/4x5. the filter holder is not satisfactory for my lens selection which are as follows: nikkor 65mm 1.4, nikkor 90mm 4.5, rodenstock 115 6.8, schneider 210 5.6 and an o ld kodak ectar supermatic 152 4.5. the filter holder works very well on the old ectar, however, due to the large glass front elements as well as the glass rear elements and the size of the bellows, this holder is not able to encompass the interior/exterior glass elements or fit inside the bellows. my preference is to have a filter holder on the exterior and a holder capable on handling all the a bove lenses------suggestions--your thoughts--thank you

Ellis Vener
9-Nov-1999, 13:27
I use the Sinar 100 mm width holder with a similar range of lenses excepting the ektar, but from what I have read the Lee holder sounds more versatile in terms of holding filters of various thickness from different manufacturers. The Hitech is very nice as well.

Natha Congdon
9-Nov-1999, 15:35
I use the Lee filter system with a Linhof Technika Super V and Wisner 8 X 10, and have found it to be quite versatile. From personal experience it will cover all of my 8 X 10 lenses (max diameter 95 mm) w/o vignetting, and I know they have an adapter as large as 105 mm. It should work fine for you. It's a bit complicated when you're deciding what to buy(can get just a lens hood, lens hood w/ one filter slot, lens hood w/ multiple filter slots) and not cheap, but I would recommend it for peformance and ease of use.

Nathan Congdon

Larry Huppert
10-Nov-1999, 00:49
The Lee system works great with wide angle lenses as long as you get their wide angle adapters. I use mine with a 58mm XL without any problems with up to 2 filter slots. If you use a center filter (I use the Schneider), that is another issue. Typically, the front threading on a center filter is too large for a wide angle adapter. With a center filter, its a different ball game.

Paul Schilliger
10-Nov-1999, 04:49
When I was first presented the COKIN system, I thought well this is for amators. But being one, I purchased it (the Pro size) and I must say, using it for nearly ten years, I am very happy. It suits even my Super-Angulon 90f5,6, with an adapting ring of 82mm. This is all plastic and takes little weight and space. The adapting rings are mounted on each lens and take a sliding lens c ap. Gelatin filters can be mounted in frames. The circular polarizer fits into the holder (no screwing), along with modular shades. There are hard filters for all major applications (black&white, color co ntrol, gray for sky compensation) along with creative filters for those who wish nature was more bea utiful...There is now a new Pro XL system of greater size, that is certainly better suited for hug e lens coverage such as with the Super-Angulon XLs and 65mm and shorter, or for use on cameras larger than 4x5. To answer your question, Raymond, I would suggest that the Pro system could fill yo ur needs from the 90mm on and would have limited use on your 65 mm (6x9). The Pro XL would be bett er, but is much larger and more expensive.

Rob Tucher
10-Nov-1999, 11:35
I use Lee also. The wide-angle adapters are great and can, in most cases, even help out with a quality, low-profile center filter. The 72XL is a stretch because it has such a huge front element. You have to use a regular adapter so the filter slot and hood are put out a little far for lots of movement. A camera store salesman told me about a "slim" version of Lee adapter but the Lee people at PhotoExpo didn't know what I was talking about. Lee can be expensive if you get it all but I find that having a dedicated adapter for each and every lens, plus a custom adjustable adapter that Lee made for me that covers the lenses that don't have threads or can't be fitted, is the best way to go for convenience and consistency.

Larry Huppert
11-Nov-1999, 10:00
I haven't run across too many center filters which the Lee system can handle directly. For most of the faster Schneider Super Angulon or XL lenses, the front accessory threads are at least 67mm which if using a Heliopan or Schneider center filter, gives you an outer threading of 86mm. The largest wide angle adapter Lee makes is 82mm. Lee does have a *very* expensive adapter which will slip over the 72XL (without a center filter) and tighten down. I believe they also make a very expensive shim for this adapter so it will fit over the most common center filters. Before Lee had this stuff, I had Steve Grimes machine a dedicated adapter to fit over my center filter. The Grimes part was much less expensive than the now available Lee parts.

Rob Tucher
11-Nov-1999, 11:06
The wide-angle adapters do work over center filters, though they are limited. The largest adapter Lee makes is 105mm. I'm not familiar with the slip on for 72XL. Maybe that is what the rep at the show was talking about. He didn't know a whole lot.

Larry Huppert
11-Nov-1999, 20:15
From the B&H Pro Sourcebook: For standard Lee adapters, the size range is from 49mm to 112mm (that 112mm costs $200!). The wide angle series is from 49mm to 82mm. Why don't they make larger wide angle adapters? The design of the wide angle adapters allows the filter holder to mount closer to front element of the lens (it's kind of a quasi recessed design). Because of this, they are limited to a diameter which is marginally smaller than the diameter between the mount points inside the holder. Given the Lee holder, it's pretty much impossible to make screw-in adapter bigger than 82mm. The standard series adapters mount the Lee holder further forward in front of the lens element (compared with the wide angle). The most important attribute of mounting a filter holder for wide angle is getting it as close to the front of the lens as possible. The further forward it's pushed, the greater the chance of vignetting. Every milimeter counts! I doubt the standard adapters would work well on full coverage lenses shorter than 75mm without a center filter. With a center filter and standard adapter, I'd bet you'd see vignetting even before accounting for lens movements. I would love to be proven wrong on this. If anyone has a 47XL or 58XL w/ center filter + 86mm standard Lee adapter (to fit the center filter) it would be interesting to see a test.

Theo Tan
23-Dec-1999, 12:24
Try Bowens Multi Clips, I think this is the best, easiest, and cheapest way to overcome your remedy. It also can be used to clip your home made lens shade. This tool is terrific!