View Full Version : Who does dye-transfer printing?

john costo
4-Nov-1999, 14:11
Can anyone suggest a lab or individual who does dye-transfer printing? Evercolor 's web site suggests that they do, but when I received their promotional materia ls in the mail, there was nothing about dye-transfer. Thanks.

4-Nov-1999, 16:19

Bill C
4-Nov-1999, 23:05

Rob Rothman
9-Nov-1999, 20:09
I believe that what Evercolor used to do was actually a pigment transfer process, rather than dye transfer -- akin to the tricolor carbro process which has been defunct for many years, but which, according to no less an authority than Eliot Porter, produced even better prints than dye transfer. The twist is that, instead of making the separations optically, Evercolor made them digitally -- an interesting mix of the old and the new.

Alas, they no longer do these prints; instead, I believe they use one of the laser enlargers to make what is essentially a type C print from a digital file.