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25-Jan-2011, 08:48
What is the difference between the model 2 and the 2D?

25-Jan-2011, 08:52
The D stands for dark. The only difference I know of is the 2D has a darker stain used on the wood.

25-Jan-2011, 17:21
What is the difference between the model 2 and the 2D?

Attached are couple photos of the two I have....forgive the dust

The prettier one is the earlier Model 2, other is 2D...

There are a few minor differences I can see, IME...

Attachment point for rear rail is different

Hardware is slightly different - front

Different Rise/Fall assembly

Rear Tilt is different assembly

Narrower bellows on 2D (front, might just be mine)

Rail grooves are different

I have read somewhere the "D" stands for dark, and the model 2 is lighter stain....

Also somewhere the choice of wood was different between parts of the two...the model 2 had different wood on certain parts....can't remember where I found that information though...or what specific parts...


25-Jan-2011, 17:22
Couple more photos - labels...


25-Jan-2011, 17:55
One more photo...

Backs are a little different as well...

The Model 2 has a double spring (not quite visible in photo), and single screws - inside corners are more rounded as well...

The 2D has single spring, and double screws, as well as the cutout on top...it's the darker back with 4x5 lines on glass (for modified tintype holders)

Boards and backs interchange on both with no issues....

I only have one dark 2D 4x5 back, so I can't compare the 4x5 backs....


Jim Galli
25-Jan-2011, 18:22
No. 2 is earlier, made from cherry, lighter stain color, varnished bright brass, pretty.

No. 2D is more common. Made of mahogany, darker stain color. brass is dull, more utilitarian. (professional)

When Model T's went all black in the mid to late teen's, it seems lots of things got the more modern, non victorian "look". Lenses also went from beautiful decorative brass to basic black.

john biskupski
26-Jan-2011, 01:25
The sliding tripod blocks also interchange along the grooves with no problem, at least on the 8x10 models I have seen.

There were a number of iterations of the camera over the first half of the 20th century. Eventually, the Eastman View No 2 (yes, there had also been a No 1) metamorphasing into the Kodak View Camera No 2-D.

I have also seen a Model B Whole Plate 2-D version which had original front tilt, so there were a number of model variations over that 50 period.