View Full Version : Did Ilford make changes to FP4 Plus recently?

Dan Skahan
16-Oct-1999, 20:48
I recently noticed the notches on the edge of the film are different and my shot s are at least two stops under exposed. The film I am using was purchased about six months ago.

John Hicks
17-Oct-1999, 03:04
I haven't heard of anything nor have come across anyone else asking about it.

If Ilford made some sort of change that resulted in such a gross exposure erro r you can be sure they'd have announced it and/or recalled the film from dealers .

Kevin Kemner
17-Oct-1999, 15:37
Ilford began phasing the new notch code in around 1995. They do not mention any changes to the emulsion. The notch code includes an Ilford "identifier" which is the elliptical notch.