View Full Version : 127 mm Ektar

dileep prakash
25-Jul-1999, 14:58
How good is the Kodak 127mm f/4.7 Ektar lens with the EK Supermatic shutter w/ flash sych, coated, circa 1946 for a 4x5 camera?


Tony Brent
25-Jul-1999, 20:05
I had a 127 and 203 Ektar on my Graphic view II. They were good lenses, nice and sharp, and had more than enough contrast for me. Not a super big image circle, but enough to allow movements. I later put them on a Wista, and they were a good match to that camera as well.

pat j. krentz
25-Jul-1999, 22:39
I have a Graflex 45 that I use my 127 with and it is sharp, I am very pleased with it. I use it mainly with a rollfilm back 6x9, it has very good coverage with that format. Pat

26-Jul-1999, 01:21
i've got a 127, and for an old lens it's surprised me on occasion. it has produced a couple fine negatives, transparentcies and b&w. i think this lens does well close to wide open, and i don't know if it is because it is a press lens or not. i've always intended to test its abilites across the f stops; i've not done this yet. i've heard the coatings back then were soft and prone to swipe marks, and i guess i lucked out and got a good one.