View Full Version : Copal 1 shutter a bit hard to set the shutter speed, normal?

24-Jan-2011, 12:34
I have a copal one shutter that seems to be slightly gummed up compared to other copal 1 shutters I have when it comes to setting the shutter speed. The speed stops just seem not yo be "crisp" and the shutter speed setting disl a bit more resistant to changing speed.. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to fix it? Would it be okay to just use as is?

Robert Ley
24-Jan-2011, 13:45
The shutter could probably use a CLA

John Koehrer
24-Jan-2011, 17:06
A drippy drop of lighter fluid or Naptha at the edge of the ring or at the barrel could do it. The speed ring uses the barrel as an axle, remove the elements and only apply the solvent to the front side of the shutter.

It most likely is old lube

24-Jan-2011, 23:29
There's a tension adjustment for the speed setting ring.

Remove the front lens group (careful not to lose any shims).

You'll see a small scalloped ring threaded over the shutter barrel, held in position by a flat screw with one side filed off.

Rotate that screw so the scalloped ring will move, then move the ring one position counter-clockwise and return the locking screw to its engaged position.

The operation should be easier. Repeat if necessary.

Re-install the front lens group with its shims. Tighten hand-tight, not wrench-tight.

- Leigh

24-Jan-2011, 23:51
Thank you everyone for your help.

I was a bit hesitant with the lighter fluid. Where should I apply it and how much?

Leigh, the tension adjustment definitively improved it!

Does anyone know of a service manual for copal and other shutters?

25-Jan-2011, 07:36
Does anyone know of a service manual for copal and other shutters?
Contact Curt Fargo in California at http://www.fargo-ent.com/

He's the main source of tools and supplies for the camera repair industry in the US. I expect he'll know of any available manuals.

- Leigh