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24-Jan-2011, 10:15
The only image I can find online is this:

(Gordy's Site (http://www.electricedge.com/greymatter/archives/00005707.htm))

Does anyone know where I can find one of these folding hoods, or does anyone have one spare?

I'm a little fearful of breaking the 5x7 gg and would like to protect it.

If someone has one but won't sell it, please could you provide dimensions?

24-Jan-2011, 10:23
My B&J has one- and that one looks very similar to a B&J back. Frankly the ones you find tend to be mildewed smelly and gross. Putting your face in one of those hoods is not pleasent. I cut mine out.

24-Jan-2011, 10:26
Sorry I took for granted, yes I have a B&J back, so it needs to fit that.

I guess they're all a bit rough shape if they've lasted this long eh?

24-Jan-2011, 13:38
I've got one, not manky, really not bad-
Not for sale though-

It doesn't look like a straightforward DIY project;
the flap is riveted to a plate via a sprung piano hinge, which is screwed to the metal back. The hood, a fibrous paper material, is located behind this plate, and glued to the flap.

Seems like a lot of trouble; if all you wanted was a GG protector, there are easier ways to do it-

If you wanted some dimensions, I could supply them-

24-Jan-2011, 17:06
Please do take a lot of photos and provide dimensions if you can. I may try my best to cut and fit the original one from the camera (that held the slightly larger ground glass in place). This may be as much trouble as making a new one.

26-Jan-2011, 09:10
I've put some pictures on my secret flickr account-


I've also included a couple of pictures of a work in progress-
not 5x7, but you'll get the idea-

It uses a couple of eyepieces from an old pair of binoculars-

They're around 120mm fl, which matches the long side of a 4x5, so 170mm might be a starting point for a 5x7 version.

The bellows will need to be completely re-made, but I had to make this one to figure out what was actually required...

Dimensions given are approximate- but you should be able to work it out-

Since I've looked it out, it seems I was a bit forgetful when writing my description-
it's made from a very tightly woven fabric.
The sprung back is made from mild steel, but any stiff substitute could be used-

It's constructed like a bellows, so the panels I've drawn contain some light stiffeners-
the fold lines between them is a couple of mm.

Have fun ...

26-Jan-2011, 11:14
Thanks Joseph. It looks like basic concept for the original style. Hopefully I can mock something up