View Full Version : Question re: Nikon 300mm m/9 & AS Camera or Fujinon

Raymond Bleesz
24-Jan-2011, 08:45
A little help please re: the above---I'm perhaps interested in this used lens for approx $800. I understand it was/is a very good lens. I'm interested in adding a longer/tele lens to my lens selection, the longest at this time being a Schneider APO 210mm & using it on an AS 4x5 field camera. I do not intend to go much farther into 300+, 400+ range. Question: is this a good lens/buy, workable on my AS system etc?
Question: what lens board AS (type-size) & coupling ring would be needed for this specific lens or might the existing lens boards I now have work on this Nikon?
(Nikkor 65mm, Nikkor 90mm, Rodenstock 115mm, Ektar 152mm--all AS lens boards)

One other thought: The cost of new lenses in this size (300 give or take) are high, IMO, however, in pricing Fujinon, a 240 or the 300, are somewhat more acceptable. Would I be wise going in this direction rather than the used Nikon 300? An added problem is that Badger Graphic do not have these lenes in stock & Jeff said they are hard to get.

Your thoughts, suggestions & help is appreciated.

24-Jan-2011, 08:56
That lens seems to come up here two or three times a year for more like 500-600 (sometimes even less!). You might wait a bit and see what comes around, or post a want to buy. I know this because, although I don't need any more lenses, it is pretty highly regarded by lots of folks and I always look just in case I might experience a moment of insicretion! :D

Gem Singer
24-Jan-2011, 09:13
The Nikon/Nikkor f9 300M and the Fujinon f8.5 300C are mounted in a Copal 1 shutters and will fit into standard lens boards that have 42mm openings.

Since Nikon discontinued manufacturing large format lenses, the prices of previously owned Nikkors have dropped considerably.

However, some Nikkors are considered more valuable due to their uniqueness.

The f8 90SW and the f9 300M fall into that category.

The 300M sold for approx. $500 when it was new. $800 for a used one is way too high.

New Fujinon f8.5 300C's can be ordered from BadgerGraphics.

Both are excellent small, light-weight 300mm lenses and should work just fine on your Arca Swiss.

24-Jan-2011, 09:24
You can't go wrong with either lens.

Buy a Fujinon new if you can afford it. Otherwise, ~$500 is fair for the Nikkor 300 IMO. $800 is more like the 450 mm which is probably too long for your bellows on the AS.

24-Jan-2011, 10:49
I have not used either, but it is worth noting that the Nikkor M 300 is a Tessar with less coverage than the Fujinon C 300 (dialyte derived?), 325mm IC vs. 380mm. Maybe worth keeping in mind if you ever see yourself getting into a bigger format, 8x10 or otherwise.

I've seen claims of the Fujinon C having more contrast than the Nikkor M, but I've seen just as many or more people saying they can not be told apart in use. Do a search, these lenses have been compared before!

Harley Goldman
27-Jan-2011, 16:15
I have the Nikkor 300M and it is a great little sharp lens for color and B&W. I hear good things about the Fujinon too. Either would be an excellent choice. If it were me, I would buy whichever I could find for the least money.