View Full Version : Paper to use for platinum/palladium printing

Stuart Goldstein
31-Dec-1998, 09:23
I'm going to be using my 4x5 negs with the plat/pall process and I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions/experience with the different papers that I can use for these contact prints.

Jay M. Packer
31-Dec-1998, 20:00
Crane's Platinotype is an excellent and relatively forgiving paper specifically designed for platinum/palladium printing. It's available from Bostick & Sullivan in Santa Fe (www.bostick-sullivan.com). Dick Artenz's textbook "An Outline of Platinum Printing" has a good discussion of other options, and the machinations necessary to make them work.

Lawrence Watson
4-Jan-1999, 18:11
Another paper especially made for pt/pd printing is Arches Plantine.